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Marvel’s Upcoming Movies 2024/2025: MCU Phase 5 Movie Slate

Marvel’s Upcoming Movies 2024/2025: MCU Phase 5 Movie Slate

Marvel Studios has postponed its entire remaining Marvel’s Upcoming Movies 2024/2025: Phase 5 and offered new release dates for 4 upcoming blockbusters.

Marvel’s upcoming movies in 2024/2025 are scheduled to be incredible when MCU Phase 5 kicks off in February 2023 with Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania. Originally set to expand to the end of the hotly anticipated Thunderbolts movie, this installment brought promising titles like Blade, Deadpool 3 and Captain America: Brave New World

However, recent developments have changed the landscape. Hollywood suffered a double whammy involving the Writers Guild and the Actors Guild, and now both have been fixed. This upheaval forced the red brand to adjust its management, as the entertainment industry endured a filled stand for more than three months. The unfolding story of Part Five now holds glimpses of the challenges and resilience of the project, and promises a cinematic journey of twists and unexpected twists and turns

So, with delays stretching into Phase 5, here are all the new release dates for each film in question:

New (Marvel’s Upcoming Movies 2024/2025) MCU Phase 5 Release Dates

1st Movie from the Marvel’s Upcoming 2024/2025 Lineup: Deadpool 3

Perhaps the biggest question mark for the MCU during this year’s Hollywood work event was whether Deadpool 3 would stick to its May 2024 release date. Originally set to hit theaters on May 3, 2024, the R-rated comedy was pushed back two months and will now be released on July 26, 2024.

The Ryan Reynolds-led blockbuster was in the middle of filming when it was shut down due to a cast strike. So production will resume as soon as possible as Marvel Studios races for the new July date. According to director Shawn Levy, they’re “halfway through filming,” so there’s still plenty of work to be done on the super-powered three-parter.

Captain America: Brave New World

Captain America: Brave New World

Another MCU film that was in mid-production before having to hit the pause button until the SAG event was over was Captain America: Brave New World. Anthony Mackie’s big screen debut as Marvel’s Star-Spangled Man was previously set to hit theaters on July 26, 2024; however, (as noted above), Deadpool 3 now occupies that spot.

This meant that Captain America 4 was pushed down and will hit theaters on February 14, 2025. Brave New World has finished filming when Hollywood shut down in mid-July, leading some to believe that the film has a chance to actually move up. the Marvel slate.

But that’s not the case, as the film is rumored to undergo extensive reshoots like many MCU films do (via Jeff Sneider).


Thunderbolts The Best of Marvel’s Upcoming Movies 2024/2025: While Thunderbolts was once planned as the end of Phase 5 of the MCU, it will now be the penultimate film in this particular section of the Marvel Studios story.

This super-powered band of “losers”—fronted by Florence Pugh’s Jelena Bel, David Harbour’s Red Guardian, and Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes—was previously set to grace the silver screen from December 20, 2024, and will now release over six months later on July 25, 2025.

Marvel set aside last summer to shoot Thunderbolts, but due to actor and writer strikes, it wasn’t allowed to move forward, causing such a long delay. The film is now likely to shoot in the spring or summer of 2024 as Marvel Studios clears out some of its other films that were unfinished when the strikes began.

Blade 2025

The Last 1 Movie ‘Blade’ From (Marvel’s Upcoming Movies 2024/2025)

The spotlight of Marvel’s 2024/2025 cinematic journey falls on Mahershala Ali’s Blade, a project initially announced and now the most recent to emerge. However, the journey of slaying vampires has been marked by delays, the latest pushing its release from February 14, 2025, to November 7, 2025. The setbacks follow months of production challenges, including an extensive rewrite and a directorial change midway through development. Recent reports hint at concerns about Mahershala Ali’s satisfaction with Blade’s overall state, prompting Marvel Studios to navigate these obstacles, striving to perfect the project during this unexpected delay.

The intricate path of Blade underscores the dedication of Marvel Studios to deliver a compelling addition to the MCU Phase 5. As they work to overcome production hurdles and align creative visions, the extended timeline reflects a commitment to ensuring Mahershala Ali’s portrayal and the overall narrative meet the high standards expected from Marvel’s upcoming movies in 2024/2025. The delay becomes a strategic pause, offering the opportunity to refine and elevate the Blade reboot, reinforcing Marvel’s dedication to excellence in storytelling and cinematic experiences.

You can see the latest entry in MCU Phase 5, The Marvels, in theaters now.

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